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Our team of experts will do all the work to make sure your tickets are sold. You can expect to instantly reach over 95% of the buyers using our technology, resources, and partners. It is great to know that our team will make sure your tickets are properly advertised and presented to the right buyers.

We take care of all selling issues, shipping, collecting, and customer service. We work with 1000s of websites, wholesale buyers, and retail buyers to make sure you get more for your tickets.


"Malcolm always has the best deals when I am in need of concert tickets. On the flip side, he always gets great money for me when I have to sell my Rodeo tickets!"

“Houston Ticket Brokers , they really do care about their clients. As a season ticket holder for the Houston Rodeo, they've helped me sell multiple tickets for really good prices.”

“Absolute best!! Best deals in town! Malcolm is so helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the Houston ticket market. He was able to sell my tickets last minute for a great price”



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